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Getting Rid Of Spider Veins Without Surgery?

BEVERLY HILLS (HH) - A recent discovery is leaving beauty insiders speechless—while giving women new hope in the fight against an all-too-common sign of aging.

Earlier this month, renowned plastic surgeons, Drs. John Layke and Payman Danielpour, announced they would soon be revealing a breakthrough, that would allow people to remove the look of embarrassing dark veins—without surgery or lasers.

Traditionally, spider veins (the red, blue, or purple lines that show up on our legs, face, and other areas, as we get older) could only be treated with assistance from a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.

But Dr. Layke stated that their new technique would produce the same results, without the pain of surgery or high cost of laser treatments—yet was so simple, people could use it in the privacy of their own home.

At first, the announcement was understandably met with skepticism from industry experts. Drs. Layke and Danielpour have been leaders in anti-aging innovation for years, but a breakthrough of this magnitude had never been achieved before.

Not to mention, visible veins are one of the biggest concerns for women over 35, so it seemed unusual for plastic surgeons to invest in a solution that would potentially cause them to lose a large portion of their in-office clients.

But disbelief quickly turned into astonishment, after Dr. Layke finally revealed their breakthrough ‘do-it-yourself’ solution to the public late last week. The vein-banishing technique is detailed in a free online video (which went viral within 24 hours of its release).

In the report, Dr. Layke presents the science behind this game-changing discovery. And more importantly, he actually shows viewers how they can use it to quickly achieve a vein-free appearance on their own.

With the evidence laid out, even former skeptics now find it hard to question Dr. Layke’s unusual new approach, or the results it delivers.

Monica Brennan, a beauty consultant based in Hollywood, CA, not only watched the video—she tried using the technique herself.

“I saw a difference almost immediately. I used to have very prominent spider veins on my cheeks, and even darker ones on my legs,” Brennan recalls.

“But (Dr. Layke’s method) worked better than anything I’ve ever tried. I couldn’t believe it at first, but now I’m recommending it to all of my clients.”

The question of why Drs. Layke and Danielpour decided to let the world in on something most plastic surgeons would want to remain a secret, has been answered as well. When we reached out to Dr. Layke for comment, he explained that doctors should never keep important findings from the public.

“When I know there is an effective solution to a problem that affects so many people, I feel compelled to report it. I don’t worry about the bottom line.” Dr. Layke said.

The video has been up for less than a week, so despite its initial success, some skincare experts, like Michael Ortega, still urge viewers to maintain reasonable expectations.

“We don’t know if these results will be permanent or if they’ll require routine maintenance. It’s a simple technique, but may need to be used on a regular basis. We also don’t know if it’s going to work for 100% of people who try it,” says Ortega.

“But if does, it’s going to save a lot of people from the embarrassment of dark veins— which is what really matters. It’ll also save people a whole lot of money…and that doesn’t hurt either.”

If you’ve ever struggled with the appearance of ‘unsightly’ dark veins, you can watch Dr. Layke’s presentation below, to determine if his unusual at-home technique will work for you.


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