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Views: 218, Date:26/Aug/2016

'The system is broken' and EpiPens are just the tip of the iceberg

Think the EpiPen price hike is scary? That's just the tip of the iceberg

Everyone is mad at Mylan for passing off massive price hikes for its EpiPen allergy treatment, but it’s far from the worst bad guy in the field. Eleven other drugmakers have off-the-charts prices, well beyond what we're seeing with Mylan (which, by the way, just offered some discounts after the firestorm of feedback to the price increase). Each of these drug companies prices are so high they were able to keep 25 cents of every dollar in revenue after paying operating costs. Cha-ching! Remember when Martin Shkreli, as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, orchestrated a 5,000% price hike on the medication used to treat a parasitic disease that affects AIDS patients and pregnant women? He weighed in, too

Souce:USA Today.com

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