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Views: 166, Date:01/May/2018

Haters of Shatta Wale are animals - Kingfaya

The record must to be set straight, there are so many things happening in Ghana music industry and if one have to sit down aloof and will not comment about it, the excesses will be regrettable.

 I don’t know whether it is leadership problem on behalf of Ghana music.

The same people who killed TerryBonchaka and recently killed Ebony are still awake looking for ShataWale to destroy and kill him.


The KYERE ME BIBI HITMAKER who is out with another banger titled ME GBO added that all this nonsense has to stop in Ghana and it is a wake-up call to all members of Ghana music fraternity.


The selfishness of some Ghanaian musicians is paving way for illegality to prevail whilst everyone wants to go solo.

Some Ghanaian pastors should concentrate on their churches and stop visiting Mallams and Fetish Priest, whilst we also concentrate on our music. Pastors visit Mallams and fetish priests just to bring Shatawale down to the extends of killing him, then they come out with fake and bogus prophesies just to intimidate celebrities in Ghana.

You can’t do this in Germany, USA, Jamaica or any European Country. A threat to any musician in Ghana is  a threat to KINGFAYA he added.

I support Shata Wale burning any church or even any Pastor who is a threat to his life just to show as a signal to others.

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