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Views: 78, Date:14/May/2018

Womens Are Their Own Enemies-Aisha Futa

Girls can be mean to other girls, but it is adult women who vie to destroy each other. For our numbers to be increased in political representative positions, the burden lies with us. We should assess and strengthen our weakness so we can fight without undermining ourselves before being judged by the electorates.


Compared to their male counterparts, electoral statistics indicated that women registered and voted in good numbers, even if it meant incurring costs to travel during elections.


It is still hard to understand why women continued to fail to support each other. “As women we should start to applaud and be proud of other women who want to represent women out there.


We may hate to say it, but women are their own enemies when it comes to voting candidates into political positions, women would rather elect men, who unfortunately often proceeded to keep them down.


Although society sought to articulate women’s agenda, women did not do much to help themselves, particularly by doing away with the “pull her down” syndrome which will disadvantaged them in terms of worthy representation.         


Women are afraid to make a move in the political arena in Ghana because the bashing alone from fellow women will discourage you.


It is important for women to see themselves as belonging to a new generation, faced with the demands of modern times. The dominance of men in party positions at the expense of the marginalized women must be reversed.

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