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Making Cpp Attractive To Ghanaians -Hajia Hamdatu

We have to sacrifice to ensure the party grows for future generation. Any Party member who suffered for the party in every general election must be commended for their sacrifices. They worked hard and deserve to be treated well to motivate other youths to take up the challenge to work relentlessly for the party come 2020.


Young people didn’t know nor care about these new parties. Even if they knew a little bit about their left/right alignment, they still didn’t care. Every political party, no matter which colour or creed, was all disconnected decision-makers who didn’t understand young people’s actual lives.


Despite there being new and shiny political parties thrown into the mix, politics didn’t listen to, nor care about them, so why would they engage? Their problem was not a lack of faith in specific parties, but a lack of faith in the whole political system itself.


“No matter what we say, we climb those nine steps and we finally get the chance to say what we think, we going to be like ‘we’re going to do this anyway’.”


Much of the disquiet among the young, it’s often argued, is because we see so little opportunity for real change through the current political system. From academics to comedians, it’s become a sort of aphorism that the young don’t vote because they simply see no point in the political system anymore.


We have to believe in human development in making CPP more attractive in Ghana by committing ourselves to the task of getting the majority of the youth involved.


And we have to identify the strongholds of CPP in the country and get the youth involved in every political activities with enthusiasm to come to power in 2020.

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