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Views: 217, Date:26/May/2016

James Blake on Frank Ocean's new album: It's 'better' than 'Channel Orange'

While Frank Ocean has presumably been off living his best life, the Internet has spent the last four years trying to process Channel Orange, what we did to deserve it and whether or not Ocean was just going to Lauryn Hill us.

And while we still don’t have an album (Jesus may return before we do), it appears that Ocean has been Thinkin' Bout us.

According to The Colour in Anything artist James Blake, Ocean's long-awaited album is an even greater opus than his previous work. In fact, Blake — who counts Ocean among his collaborators in his album credits — shared that The Colour in Anything was heavily inspired by Ocean's new record.

"His music was a huge influence on the way I was writing the record, the way I was writing melodies," Blake told Rolling Stone in an interview published Wednesday. "I was more of a fan of him when I heard his newer music," he added. "It's better. You grow, you improve, you nail a new message to the board. He's had time to mature. It’s really cool to watch."

Wish we could say the same, Blake, but we'll take your word for it!

And while we wait for Ocean's new LP, we'll just be over here hating. And looping this SNL performance.

Source: USA Today.

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