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Voice of Developing Communities, (VODEC) and Skyview Hospital is orgnainzing a free health screening at Domeabra and Windy Hill, two adjoining communities near Pokuase in the Ga West Municipality on 24th March, 2018.  

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Christianity has been taken to ridiculous and bizarre heights: the Bible no longer relevant

I’m sure you are as worried as I am, dear reader, concerning what goes on in the country at this point in time, in the name of Christianity although in effect, this is all bunkum.

The word ‘Christianity’ is self-explanatory—a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible. That is to say, a Christian must necessarily be a scrupulous adherent or follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ and such a person must subscribe to everything Jesus said or taught. Anything short of this will render a so-called Christian, unchristian.


The art of teaching things about Christ is what Christianity should be about but this has been bastardized of late making many people including my good-self wonder what is amiss with the teachings and philosophy Jesus left behind to make the world free from evil, greed, wickedness, and all sorts of negative things.

Many people have formed their own churches and are doing exactly the opposite of the teachings of Christ. Christ abhorred the use of the church for commercial purposes but in our day and age, the church is the commercial house where the name of Christ is used to fleece money from gullible and unsuspecting church members. It happens in all the churches where money-grabbing from the congregation for the personal use of founders and pastors, has become the order of the day instead of the word of God.

Religious scene

A little over a decade and a half ago, several men and women burst onto the religious scene proclaiming themselves apostles, prophets, reverend ministers, bishops, etc., etc, pretending to be doing the work of God but in actual fact, duping people in the name of God and His son, Jesus Christ. Most of these so-called men and women of God hardly read the Bible and understand its contents. No wonder they have turned the Bible upside down and are doing their own teachings not recommended by Christ, the Son of God.

These so-called men and women of God know that the average Ghanaian is gullible particularly in these times when economic hardships are biting exceedingly excruciatingly and anything a so-called man or woman of God says to solve a problem, however temporarily, may be welcomed.

Funny enough, nobody consults a man or woman of God without parting with a fortune and yet they never shy away from doing that. One has to register and take a card like it’s done in the hospitals; then one is ushered in to see the man or woman of God where another payment is made, this time more hefty than the cost of the card. In doing the consultation, all sorts of oil and water are up for sale which one is compelled to buy for spiritual cleansing.


So, before the consultation is over one may have spent well over Ghc500. Some so-called men and women actually advertise openly on radio and television what their consultation fees are and the cost of holy oil and water that are on offer and one would have thought this was not part of the teachings of Christ at all. But it’s done!

Funny names

Some of these so-called men and women have given themselves funny names by which they are called and one wonders whether they are serious preachers of the word of God or not. One man calls himself Spiritual Bulldozer, whatever that means. But it’s likely, as his name suggests, that he ‘bulldozes’ his way ‘spiritually’ over your supposed problems if you go to consult him. And this is done without reference to the Bible, presumably.

There are speculations that many church leaders go to seek help from juju men and that they are not genuinely teachers of the word of God but fraudsters who are using juju to deceive people in the name of God. A few of such supposed men of God have been exposed by their juju men when they failed to honour the agreement between them. Kwaku Bonsam, the fetish priest at Sapeiman near Accra, for instance, has come out openly to claim that pastors come to him for help before setting up their churches. Another fetish priest in Koforidua also exposed a fake pastor who went to him for help but failed to honour the contract between them.


These fake pastors, in order to have the confidence of the people and attract them to be fleeced, go on the miracle-performing path. Theirs is to perform miracles and show video clips of such miraculous feats. But all these are stage-managed, if you care to know. I saw a pastor stomping on the tummy of a pregnant woman for deliverance and I thought this was very outrageous and should never have been done.

Another woman was brought to church with a supposed swollen jaw to be healed of her ailment. As the pastor recanted something, the swelling went down bit by bit until the entire swelling subsided completely and the whole congregation went ‘wild’ with jubilation, little did they know that it was fake.

Boiled egg

The lady had planted a boiled egg in her mouth disfiguring her face and as the pastor recited the words she nibbled at the egg until she finished eating the whole egg and was declared healed.

Many people have suggested that if really pastors of our times have the ability to heal people of their ailments through spiritual means as they claim they have, then, nothing prevents them from going to the School for the Blind, assemble all the blind children there and heal them. Or alternatively, go to the wards at Korle Bu or any other medical facility for that matter, and heal all the patients of their ailments. That will ease the job of the doctors and nurses. But they don’t do these.

These so-called healers and men of God avoid the hospitals because they don’t have the capacity to heal spiritually and are only deceiving the public with their stage-managed healing on television.

Change into animals

There is one so-called man of God who says he can change himself into animals and attack his spiritual enemies. He can turn himself into a snake; into a lion, and can even fly. Funny enough, when this man applied to the British High Commission for a visa and was refused because the High Commissioner himself told him to fly to the UK because he had boasted that he could, he took offence and was reported to have said that he would appeal against the decision.

So, you see, these half-baked men and women of God make empty claims and because Ghanaians are largely gullible, they believe them.

Most of them have very expensive cross-country cars; they and their wives. They also live in posh houses and use the latest electronic gadgets. Church buildings are also in their names, so they never lose, whichever way you look at it. How greedy they are!


Strangely enough, all of these supposed men of God have very large followings and you wonder whether there is something wrong with the average man or woman in the street when it comes to religious matters.

Why do people follow them? Why do people follow Bishop Daniel Obinim in spite of all the negative things we hear about him? Why do people follow Prophet Kumchacha? What does the name even mean? Why do people follow Pastor Dito Dito alias Bishop Lawrence Agyapong? Why do people follow Pastor Computer Man? Why do people follow all these pastors who can hardly tell the difference between a parable and an illustration in the Bible?

Is it because they can teach the word of God as contained in the Bible better than the Catholics; better than the Methodists, better than the Presbyterians, better than the Anglicans, better than the Adventists, better than Mensa Otabil or better than Duncan Williams? Or is it because they have a programme line-up from January to December which they follow to do their teachings and which ordinary members of the church can read and understand?

Programme line-up

None of the above! They hardly teach the word of God as contained in the Bible. Neither do they have a programme line-up for church activities from January to December each year. What they rather do is to proclaim that they can perform miracles and help people have their breaks-through—financial break-through; marriage break-through; business break-through; illnesses break-through and all other breaks-through that one can think of although all these are soluble by dint of hard work followed by prayer by individuals. Their solutions don’t come that easy especially by expected miracles. Miracles are unexpected events and any one who expects a miracle to happen to him or her will never get it if he or she never works hard to achieve their dreams.

The Bible

The Bible is the answer not expected miracles that never come. So, ignore what these so-called men and women of God are doing and saying and go strictly according to the Bible if you say you are a Christian. Christianity should bring peace to our country because that’s what Christ says; Christianity should bring love to our country; Christianity should throw away greediness from our midst as Jesus Christ asked the young rich man to go and sell his property and come and follow him.

I’m afraid if we throw away the Bible, we’ve thrown away a very valuable property. The Bible is the reference point for Christians and they must go by it. Good morning everyone. 

By: Nana Bram Okae II, former MCE, Ga West

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Haters of Shatta Wale are animals - Kingfaya

The record must to be set straight, there are so many things happening in Ghana music industry and if one have to sit down aloof and will not comment about it, the excesses will be regrettable.

 I don’t know whether it is leadership problem on behalf of Ghana music.

The same people who killed TerryBonchaka and recently killed Ebony are still awake looking for ShataWale to destroy and kill him.


The KYERE ME BIBI HITMAKER who is out with another banger titled ME GBO added that all this nonsense has to stop in Ghana and it is a wake-up call to all members of Ghana music fraternity.


The selfishness of some Ghanaian musicians is paving way for illegality to prevail whilst everyone wants to go solo.

Some Ghanaian pastors should concentrate on their churches and stop visiting Mallams and Fetish Priest, whilst we also concentrate on our music. Pastors visit Mallams and fetish priests just to bring Shatawale down to the extends of killing him, then they come out with fake and bogus prophesies just to intimidate celebrities in Ghana.

You can’t do this in Germany, USA, Jamaica or any European Country. A threat to any musician in Ghana is  a threat to KINGFAYA he added.

I support Shata Wale burning any church or even any Pastor who is a threat to his life just to show as a signal to others.

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Ghana's tourist sites needs more attention than Economy - Lily

One of this years MISS TOURISM GHANA contestants have jab political pundits on their focus on Ghanaian economy, instead of tackling the basic ideas that will make the economy strong. Tourist sites in Ghana is at the verge of collapsing if pragmatic mechanism and measures are not put in place.

We celebrate so many holidays in Ghana and I suggest that we add more holidays to market our tourist sites outside our country Ghana, Lily added.

Lets take the Wa Naa chief palace and the Wechaaw game reserve for example, located in the Upper West region, we can make it as a productive venture to attract outsiders to invest more which will boost the economy and make the economy strong.

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